Redwood is native to our Northern California coast and is an aesthetically beautiful forest product. Redwood heartwood is naturally resistant to decay and insects. No other softwood has the rich beauty or long-lasting performance of redwood. It's a great option for decks, fencing and trim. California has gone to great lengths to ensure that this renewable resource will be around for a long time to come.

 · Fencing
 · Rails and Posts
 · Trim
 · Const. Stakes
 · Lattice Panels
 · Lath
 · Benderboard
 · Tilebattens
Additional Information:

Open Redwood Lumber Grades And Uses PDFRedwood Lumber Grades & Uses
by California Redwood Association

Open Redwood Lumber Grades And Uses PDFRedwood Lumber Patterns No. 17
by California Redwood Association
We stock and distribute the following species of wood:

Western Red Cedar Dog-Earred Fence  · Douglas Fir
 · Hem-Fir
 · Incense Cedar
 · Western Red Cedar
 · Ponderosa Pine

Much of the lumber we stock is the mid-to-low grade lumber used for fence boards, posts, and rails; or popularly remanufactured into tree boxes, crating, pallets, and store displays.

Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir

Incense Cedar
Western Red Cedar
  Ponderosa Pine
Incense Cedar
Red Cedar
Ponderosa Pine
We also distribute lumber that can be pressure treated for resistance to mold and decay. The common preservative treatment used is ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). Please contact us to discuss preservative treatments and wood options.

Additional Information:

Selection And Use of Preservative Treated Wood PDFSelection And Use of Treated Wood
by USDA Forest Service
We sell our products for RESALE only. As a wholesale distributor of lumber, we supply the lumber retailers, agricultural suppliers, and product manufacturers. We do not sell directly to contractors or the general public.
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