Large Wood Poles Introduction

Our pole inventory consists primarily of PG&E Approved Utility poles. When we get into poles with a diameter greater than 7" we do not find standard sizing. So we supply these according to your unique specifications. Most of our roundwood is only doweled up to a diameter of 7". Anything larger in diameter often goes on a lathe. Lathe turned poles are much more costly due to the increased labor, but can be produced up to approximately 32ft in length. They can be produced in Pine, Doug-Fir, or Western Red Cedar and have a very nice, uniform appearance.

On request we can supply regular ANSI Spec utility poles, Pilings, Hop Poles, Bollards, and other custom-milled poles. The type of pole will determine what we can offer in the way of species: Doug-Fir, Lodgepole Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Western Red Cedar, and/or Incense Cedar.

Pole Information