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NewAg posts are naturally durable fence posts, and preservative treatment is not necessary. It's the only renewable and durable organic alternative. They are milled out of Western Juniper trees and have none of the disposal problems associated with treated wood and steel.

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At certain times of the year, we stock truck loads of Used Railroad Ties in Woodland, CA. It offers us control over the quality of ties you get, and the flexibility to sell unit quantities. Please call for current pricing & availability.

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Sizes: 6x8x8' 7x9x9'   Grades: #1 #2
Unit Size: 25 pcs
C&R Forest Products was started as a partnership in 2003. It's a partnership that doesn't end at our doors, but extends to our retail customers so as to contribute to their continued success and growth. The goal of C&R is to satisfy specific niches in the lumber market to that end.

We sell our products for RESALE only. As a wholesale distributor of roundwood, stakes and lumber, we are better designed & oriented to serve retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers of consumer goods. For these reasons, we do not sell directly to contractors or the general public.

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