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U.S. Distribution Area

We primarily distribute our products into Northern Nevada, and the Northern and Central parts of California. We ship to Washington, Oregon, and the Southern parts of Nevada and California less frequently, but we can ship less-than-load (LTL) and full truckload orders to all 48 of the Contiguous United States.

C&R Forest Products supplies your retail stores.

C&R Forest Products is a wholesale distributor of roundwood and associated wood products. We sell our products to the retail market for RESALE only and do not bypass them to sell directly to contractors or the end-users. Since 2003 our goal has been to satisfy specific niches in that market such as agricultural posts, utility poles, split cedar and doweled post-and-rail fencing.

We inventory mill production across several locations based on how it will be used and where it will be sold. Products intended for agricultural or industrial use are treated and then held for future shipment to the retail store or drop-shipped to their customer. Our products are also sold to shops that manufacture boxes, crates, rustic furniture, etc.

This site is not an online store and we do not solicit the contractors or end-users.


Lodgepole Pine or Peeler Core?

To make it easier to answer that common question we made a side-by-side comparison. Find out the difference in the two "similar looking" products.

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The Making of a Doweled Post

This simple video was put together for the benefit of those who want to see an example of how a doweled post is made.

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Doweled Post & Rail Fencing

We have partnered with a California mill to produce Doweled Post & Rail Fencing. Our posts are milled out of the tops of trees from larger lumber operations, tops that are too small to produce lumber.

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