Our doweled Lodgepole Pine post & rail fencing is made to your specifications. We have it manufactured out of our doweled pole stock and then treat the wood for ground contact. The posts & rails are all uniform in diameter from tip to butt and so have a nicer appearance than the peeled poles.
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The posts are chamfered at the top and 2-9/16" holes are drilled into them for 2 or 3-rails. We supply the line posts, corner posts, and end posts. All of the rails are tenoned at the ends to 2-1/2" so they are easy to install.

Since post & rail fencing is largely used in residential applications, we treat it with ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) to a .40 pcf (per cubic foot) retention for ground contact use. It is the recommended treatment because it provides the same level of performance as CCA pressure treated wood without the use of arsenic and chromium. Please call to inquire about other preservative treatment options. We can also stain our fencing with a cedar or brown tone.

We do provide a peeled Doug Fir or Lodgepole Pine post & rail fencing. It simply will have a rougher and more rustic appearance. The diameter will have a natural taper from tip to butt.
Doweled (2 or 3 hole):
5" x 7'
Peeled (2 or 3 hole):
5-6" x 7'

3" x 8'
4" x 8'
3.5-4" x 8'
When we get into poles with a diameter greater than 7" we do not find standard sizing. So we supply these according to your unique specifications. Roundwood can be doweled up to a diameter of 7". Anything larger in diameter has to go on a lathe. Lathe turned poles are much more costly due to the increased labor, but can be produced up to approximately 32' in length. They can be produced in Pine, Doug Fir, or Western Red Cedar and have a very nice, uniform appearance.

Large diameter poles are more readily available when you keep the natural taper of the tree. There is generally no more than 1" of taper for every 10' in length. We can supply these large peeled poles up to 40" in diameter. This type of pole is usually Doug Fir or Pine and will appear rougher and more rustic than the doweled or lathe turned poles.

examples of large diameter with 10"x8' lathe turned poles. click on images to see close-up.
We are a stocking dealer of PWP utility poles. They are described as Doug Fir machine peeled wood poles, produced and fabricated per ANSI specifications 05.1-2002 and PG&E specs. They are full pressure treated to a retention of .60# per cubic foot of wood using Penta (Pentachlorophenol) per AWPA standards. Common sizes we stock:

min. top
min. 6' from butt
class 5
PG&E Spec DF Pole Penta.60
class 5
PG&E Spec DF Pole Penta.60
click on the sizes that are underlined to see stock photo
All of our Utility Poles have a round metal tag embedded into the wood 6 feet from the butt of the pole. This tag states compliance with the ANSI standard. The first noticable marking is the approved treating plant embossed around the edge of the round marker. In this photo to the left (click on image to view) the manufacturing/treating plant is Nevada Wood Preserving, where all of our poles originate. The first line of markings in the center of the tag is the date that the pole was treated, and in this photo that date is 06 11 or June of 2011.

The next line of markings tells us the species of wood, type of treatment, and retention. DF for Douglas Fir, PA for Penta, and 60 for retention of .60# pcf. The last marking is the class and length of pole. 6 30 for a class 6, 30 foot pole.
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